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At Konrad Bright Design we believe in a proven process in order to achieve strong brand recognition and success, There are four phase ranging from Brand Knowledge to Final Implantation, have a look and see for yourself how we achieve a effective and lasting product for your company needs.


Brand Knowledge

To develop a successful brand, a thorough foundation of knowledge is essential. Depending on the situation and client needs, KBD may conduct brand workshops, consumer research, competitive reviews and other information collection approaches. The result is a practical project plan developed collaboratively with the client that identifies key messages, brand differences and advantages, optimal communication channels, target groups, as well brand objectives and an action plan with timely milestones.01

Creative Design

A design brief based on brand strategies is the blueprint for creative concept development. In order to achieve the best possible solutions, brand exploration is often quite thorough. Development may include preliminary designs, photography, illustration and verbal expression that converge to communicate ideas. All explorations are shared with the client, but KBD focuses on recommended directions that are further enhanced to make sure they are viable. Working collaboratively, KBD hones the favored choices into final directions suitable for immediate implementation, approval by boards, or research.02

Market Insights

Carefully designed research can reveal important consumer insights and may be recommended depending on the client and the situation. When validation research is required, KBD enlists and monitors the contributions of specialized research groups provided by the client or by us. Qualitative and quantitative research can be useful, both online or face-to-face among people in the marketplace. An important tool of today, research gives progressive brands an advantage that may otherwise be difficult to achieve.03

Refinement & Launch

It only works if it works. KBD will test final concepts and designs across all appropriate communication channels. Web pages, social networking, interactive applications and videos are tested, where appropriate, alongside more traditional media selections. The goal is more than a brand presence: it is brand dominance. By using all tools working together, a brand success story can be created and new chapters added over time. And while we believe in surprising our clients creatively, we adhere to strict transparency regarding the elements of our work. Designs, illustrations, photography and copy are conscientiously presented for review and approval.04

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works."

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